Terms of service


1. By using our services, you agree with our Terms of Service and authorize us to use your information as per our Privacy Policy.
2. In accordance with legal requirements, usage data is recorded for the necessary purposes of maintaining the service.
3. You agree not to impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to our staff, guide or host, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.
4. Paygol neither claims nor guarantees either availability or performance of this service. While we make every effort to deliver the service promptly, Paygol accepts no liability for transmission delays or failures.
5. You use the service entirely at your own risk.
6. Paygol reserves the right to change its pricing, revenue sharing and/or payment structure at any time, as defined on the website. Paygol will inform you about such change via e-mail or the website. If you do not agree with the change, you may terminate the agreement.
7. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of any of the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Mexico.
8. You are the only responsible of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
9. Paygol recognizes that your personal information belongs to you, and strives to protect your privacy and data confidentiality.


1. After you register in our system, your personal, business, and payout information may go through an approval process. You are wholly responsible for the legitimacy of the information provided, which will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Providing false or misleading information will be considered a breach of our Terms of Service.
2. You must be the owner of the account (e.g. bank account) where payouts are to be issued. We will use the personal ID scan provided by you in order to verify that you own the payout account. In the case of a company account, we may request additional documentation proving that you are the owner of said company.
3. You are responsible for the privacy of your data and storage of your username and password.
4. You agree that all activities that can be traced to your account are deemed as having been performed by yourself and are legally bound to you. You accept responsibility for your content, in accordance with generally applicable laws. Paygol does not assume any liability for your content. You exempt Paygol from any claim that may arise from third parties as a result of your content. You are to be held solely responsible.
5. In any marketing of your service, you are responsible of providing all the required information specified in our website, including the price that end users will have to pay for using your service.
6. We can restrict or suspend your account at any time under suspicion of breach of our Terms of Service.

Service restrictions

1. You offer products for sale only if you have the legal right to market and sell such products.
2. Any illegal use of our service is strictly prohibited. This includes sexual, racist and discriminatory content, along with any content that may be considered as harassment towards an individual or organization.
3. You do not use our services for any activities considered fraudulent or illegal under any laws or regulations in any applicable jurisdiction.
4. You are not allowed to use any of our resources to send spam and/or advertise any third party products/services.
5. As part of the service, Paygol is granting you limited access to the service, website and servers. Paygol is permitted to limit, deny, create different priorities for different users, update or cancel some or all of the functionality of the service at any time, without prior notice.
6. Where we, our suppliers, the networks or other authorities suspect that your account is generating revenue through fraud traffic or shows signs of AIT (Artificial Inflation of Traffic), payouts to the client will be set on hold until the case is cleared. In case of fraud traffic or AIT(Artificial Inflation of Traffic) Paygol may deduct the respective amount from the total payout amount due to you.
7. The following is a list of activities that are forbidden from being performed through Paygol services:
- Money laundering.
- Infringing on any third party's copyright, patent, trademark or other property rights.
- Spamming, fraud traffic or AIT (Artificial Inflation of Traffic).
- Abusing Paygol services in any way we might consider inappropriate.
- Any illegal or criminal purpose (including child pornography, hacking, fraud, and harassment).
8. You will refrain from using abusive and vulgar language towards Paygol employees, regardless of the contact method. Abusive conduct will not be tolerated and will result in account termination.

Transactions and payouts

1. Paygol will only process card transactions that have been authorized by the card issuer and all other entities involved.
2. It is your responsibility to verify the identity of your customers and to determine their eligibility to purchase your products and services. Likewise, it's your responsibility to make sure that purchased products and/or services are delivered in a prompt and efficient manner.
3. Payments shall be calculated solely based on records maintained by Paygol. No other measurements or statistics of any kind shall be accepted by Paygol nor have any effect on our records, calculations or decisions.
4. You shall receive a payout related to the number of valid uses of your services, as determined by Paygol.
5. Provided that you are eligible for payouts; Paygol will process them via bank transfer or another form of online wallet transfer (these options can be found inside your Paygol panel).
6. Certain online wallet payouts can not be issued to users in the European Union.
7. All payouts will have a flat fee. An additional percentage fee will be applied to online wallet payouts. This percentage fee directly corresponds to the fees charged by that particular online wallet service.
8. It is our policy to process payouts within 7 business days, counting from the moment they are requested.
9. Paygol is only responsible of instructing the transfer of the calculated payout amount. Any fees or charges that may be imposed by third party entities (including, but not limited to intermediate bank transfer fees) will be your responsibility. Likewise, in the event that the receiving bank or any other financial entity involved rejects or is unable to receive the payout transfer for any reason, you will be responsible for any and all charges and fees related to the return of funds.
10. The final amount to be sent by Paygol is calculated only at the time of payout; in some cases this may cause the amount to be different from the one that was calculated during your payout request (for example, if a chargeback is instructed after a payout is requested, but before it's issued).
11. Paygol will not be responsible for any payout delays.
12. Each payment method has a certain amount of time before a transaction can become withdrawable.
13. The time it takes for a given transaction to become withdrawable will depend on each payment method.
14. After your payout is processed, there is a waiting period depending on each payment method before your next payout can be requested.
15. If a payment is charged back after it has been paid out, Paygol may deduct the corresponding amount from your current balance.
16. Any charges or deductions applied to Paygol by our providers will be passed along to the merchants. These charges/deductions will be distributed among merchants according to Paygol's criteria.
17. Paygol reserves the right to selectively restrict or disable payment methods for any and all users, at any time. This may be done for any reason including (but not limited to) suspicious sales patterns, unavailable website, or any inconsistencies detected by Paygol. It will be your responsibility to prove the legitimacy of both your business and transactions.

Payment disputes

1. Any dispute regarding products or services bought using our services must be solved exclusively by both buyer and merchant. Buyers are responsible for the products or services being purchased, and must agree to the merchant's terms of service. Buyers experiencing any problems when attempting to communicate with the merchant may create a support ticket on our platform so we can attempt to improve communication between both parties. Paygol will not provide any warranties, representations, conditions or guarantees with respect to such products and services.
2. If we suspect the buyer is performing fraudulent activity, we may ask the merchant to cancel or undo the delivery of the product or service.

Refund policy

1. If any of your customers complains in any way about your services, Paygol will use commercially reasonable efforts to redirect them to you and/or your customer support services in hope that this will help resolve such disputes.
2. We will put all disputed transactions on hold until both merchant and buyer are able to reach an agreement.
3. If chargebacks or refund requests happen too often, we will be forced to charge additional administration fees or restrict the services of the merchant.
4. In the event of a chargeback, refund, or return of funds, Paygol may apply handling and/or administration fees.
5. Fees related to the use of our services will not be refunded in any case.