Instant payouts in local currency Send mass payouts and high value payments to Latin America. Pay your local sellers and partners the way they expect to be paid by depositing the funds in local currency, directly to their local bank account.
Localized payment experience Improve your cross-border recipient experience by getting them paid the way they expect to be paid, and with the fastest time-to-account in emerging markets.
Eliminate risks and operational burdens Use a single integration to automate hours of manual dedication from your team, while reducing human error risk. Avoid dealing with multiple payout providers.
How do payouts work?
1. Merchant transfers funds to his Paygol account (EUR / USD)
2. Merchant orders the payments to be sent.
3. Payment is transferred from the merchant's local account to the user's account.
Group 7 4. Merchant is notified via API, our online portal or email.
  • Single or mass payments
  • Instant payouts in local currency
  • Easy access to the payees
  • Uncomplicated cross-border operation
  • Banking taxes fee
  • High level of complience
  • Freelancers
  • Tourism
  • Online gaming
  • Delivery apps
  • Retail
  • Many others...
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