Paygol: The safest and convenient chilean solution to receive payments on your E-commerce

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05/18/2022 | Chili Cup, Paygol, Products

For your customers to have a satisfactory shopping experience, you must take care of every detail. That includes offering multiple payment methods so they can pay with their favorite!

Paygol is a chilean payment gateway with international coverage, safe, close, convenient and experienced in the Fintech market, to receive payments on your E-commerce Its solutions are simple and safe, and can adapt to any kind of business, from entrepreneurs who are starting up to large companies.

How does Paygol work?

How does Paygol work?

The advantage for businesses is that they can save time and money by implementing a solution that delivers multiple payment methods in one integration. In other words, the E-commerce will no longer have to sign a contract with each entity to receive payment and offer several options to their clients when they have to pay.

Which are Paygol solutions?

  1. Plugin: If you created your E-Commerce on PrestaShop, WooCommerce or Magento, in a few steps you can enable our plugin as a payment solution.
  2. WebCheckout: an easy-to-integrate product that redirects the customer to the Paygol payment page to complete the transaction.
  3. API: a more personalized payment integration, where customers stay on the business website.
  4. Link de Pago: no integration required, as a secure and reliable payment link is sent by email.

In addition, each company will have a private portal that allows you to see payment satus online, generate payment links, sales metrics, and so much more!

Which are the requirements to be a client?

  • To be over 18 years old and have a valid ID.
  • Certificate of incorporation of the Company, Certificate of good standing of the Company and Proof of identity of directors.
  • Proof of web domain and Proof of registered address
  • Proof of bank account of the Company

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